Mbexport365 is a command-line utility that allows the export of Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online) email accounts.
It supports Primary and Public Folders accounts.
It is possible to export whole mailbox data of multiple accounts, or select one or more folders of a single (or multiple) account, or a combination of the above elements.

Mbexport365 is implemented as an executable and configuration file. The data exported are in PST (Microsoft original) file format.
The utility needs Microsoft Outlook installed and email profiles (pointed by Mbexport365 configuration files to work with) already configured. Exchange data are only accessed with original Microsoft products and no sensitive data will be saved on the utility’s configuration file.
Mbexport365 can be used as an easy, fast and economic (but effective) Office 365 mailbox brick-level backup

Mbexport365 is useful to protect from possible data loss caused by a user manipulating the various devices associated with his Exchange Online account..

Scheduling will be managed through Windows Task Scheduler.
By creating different configuration files (.cfg), it is possible to create several backup strategies, for example:
scheduling a DAILY JOB to export Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes;
scheduling a WEEKLY JOB  to export complete mailbox data.
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